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Bangalore's best B. ED Admission provider , partnered with multiple reputed colleges.

Bharti Singh - CMO
Dr. Sarita Nair— Founder & CEO.

Our Story

Having dealt with all problems herself, Sarita decided to do something for the housewives who usually forget to live while taking care of their family and loved ones . Her motivation were differently-abled seniors in her field doing excellent service for disabled communities. Sarita started Bangalore Distance education back in 1990 out of a garage, an organization dedicated to help individuals who have given up their career goals for family to lead dignified lives.

Her family was apparently worried and guarded initially when she revealed her preferences to get into this line of assignment. They didn’t initially acknowledge in her abilities to perform what she desired, but as time progressed and she started getting results, they trusted more in what she could reach. “People who see femininity as a disability should glance at us and acknowledge that everybody in this world is equally capable.” she proudly says.

What Our Students Have to Say

This college is good. the campus is good. modernization works are in progress. The director of college is ver nice who is the ex depot head and improving the campus.two mega campus in construction and may be use in couple of months.the study is good.
Seetharama Shetty
From Yelahanka, Bangalore
This college is affiliated to Bangalore University and the annual fees of this B.Ed Degree was very low when i was a student and i have completed my degree from this college in year 2018 and there is a cutoff list system for the admission in this college and there are scholarship schemes for SC/ST/OBC.
Prerna agarwal
From Indiranagar, Bangalore
I am absolutely satisfied because of good placements, really good infrastructure and facilities. Placements: About 70% of the students were placed from our course.
Pratibha Pandey
Koramangla, Bangalore
I am very satisfied with my college. The course curriculum of the college for undergraduates was helpful and knowledgeable. The study of particular subjects, assignmentsand practical in outside events are the best. They use teaching methods like the projector and smart classes to teach for students.
Poonam Jha
From Sahkarnagar, Bangalore